This postcard hangs on the pin board above my desk in Germany. (That’s where I am right now!) It’s one of my top 10 “Wisdom Whisperers”.


I haven’t been back in Germany for more than a year. And, as always I am thrilled to have quotes in my life. Right there on the wall in front of me. So I can see them and let them work their magic. They always make me: 

Pause. Reflect. And like this one,  smile. 

Quotes support me in moving closer to the whole-hearted life I want to live. They bring me in the present moment.

From  Speyer, my hometown,  I can bike about everywhere. I have a basket on the back of my bike.  It can hold groceries, flowers, and books, etc. And sometimes a bottle of wine😌. It brings home treasures, and memories and of course carries my yoga mat! 

I didn’t drive a car for a week. In a moment I’ll bike to the post office. On the way there I am sure I catch a few hellos and see faces from the past. After all, I spend the first thirty years of my life in this town. 

I love everything about biking. It’s pure bliss for me. I feel the elements and how my body moves. I feel my breath and my heart beating. All senses are awake and in conversation with each other. When the wind hits my face, it curves me lips to my ears. This joy summersaults down to my heart in a second. I am content and unconditionally o.k. with everything.

And this is the message of the card. Of the little bird wanting to be able to bike…And I know for sure, some of you have dreamed to be able to fly… I know I have😇.

It’s about:

Santosha is one of the qualities a yogi cultivates by following the Niyamas on Patanjali’s Eight Fold Path.

Yoga is so much more then bending our body. On our mat we can grow tools to create a more positive relationship with ourselves and others. I know if I am needy,  expect things to be different, or harbor resentment I am not a good companion. Nor do I like myself.  

I have learned, to have an authentic relationship with others, I need to be in touch with my feelings. I need to be able to stand in my truth.

Contentment must be at the core of who we are.  

It’s a life skill.  And it takes practice.

It asks for our willingness to be present and let our awareness teach us what we need to know.

In the present moment, we can pay attention to our thoughts,  and how we speak to ourselves* and others. To observe how we do what we do, where we show up or hide are all ingredients of contentment and lasting happiness

*I like what Louise Hays says:

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” 

And boy this can be a tricky path. But an exiting one. And a worthy one.

Come with me!

Today I practice this:

The moment I catch only an inkling of:

💡”I’ll be happy   w h e n …  “

I will pause and breathe.  And be grateful for what I have on all levels.

It’s age- and timeless. It’s unconditional.

And it is free!

Sending Hugs on Wings,


“Let’s glow💡 together.”