🚲 “IF I COULD BIKE… JUST ONCE…” is what the little birds wish is in this postcard. Just look at the picture for a moment…

💡Do you have a wish like this?

🏝 Pause for a moment. Connect to your body. Take three deep, joyful breaths.

Do you have a wish you know that will not or might not be granted?

🏝 Pause and breathe again.

Can you accept it? How do you do it?

I have a wish like this. I wish for my daughter’s health and an empty nest.

Looking at this card, this little bird always lets me pause and honor that feeling.

It’s part of my life and has put me on a different path, but I don’t let it define my happiness.

The little bird reminds me of Contentment.

Contentment or Santosha is at the core of our yoga practice.

As we engage with our bodies and our breath we are asked to be content with what is. Moment-to-moment. It’s a life skill. It must be at the core of who we are. It puts us in charge!

💗I’d love to invite you for a day or two to pay attention to thoughts like:

💡”I’ll be happy w h e n …  “

When you notice them hop on a Tiny Island

🏝 Pause – Breathe – Pay attention to what you have. Honor it embrace it and repeat.

Contentment grows with practice and so does your ability to pause. Don’t say you will do it later. Do it now! It doesn’t take longer than a minute.

Like a muscle, we want to strengthen contentment and be at the heart of who we are, our wish included.

I hope you pause!
🌷Always with love,