Today’s whisper showers you in pink! And yes, I do have so much to love!


While with Sarina at Exceptional Minds a few weeks ago in L.A. I dropped her off in the morning and went to Whole Foods. What a great surprise:


All I saw was pink and I smiled all over my face. Not just any pink but Sarina’s pink. 

It created such a joyful mood and for a moment I thought: “did they paint them for her? or me?”💗


I decided to let her see this awesomeness in the afternoon.  Not thinking about what pants she wore. Of course: Pink. (BTW, those pants were mine ten years ago!)

We named our little adventure: “Some days love pink!”

Magic continued when I spotted those bikes. As if they chimed in to be part of our fun they were the perfect match for my girl with her pink hat! From the collection of: “Hats with a mission” of course.



Remember what you love! Any color counts!