Today’s whisper is just that –  a whisper. A short note and many pictures to say I’m here, I hope you’re well, and we’ll get through this.

COVID-19 is beating down on us.

As more plans for Sarina fall apart and more dates on the calendar we were looking forward to needing to be erased, I’m choosing this short hello!

Sarina graduated online on Friday. She did it, and I invite you to celebrate 🎉her. I’ll share a bit more later.

The big celebration she was dreaming about is missing. If you don’t know her, let me assure you she had to embrace lots of losses. Lots of plans she had to celebrate were not granted.

It’s part of our reality and we move through it.

Not sure who hurts more – she or I?

But please enjoy her here:

..and here. Eleven years ago she was preparing for her Highschool Graduation and ended up gravely ill with a virus in the hospital.

She’s born a fighter and I can’t help but remember…

Right now it’s hard…

…but  please be ensured I embrace my “Why” 💗

I’m grateful for many things. To have yoga in my life belongs to the top of the list🙏🏼. To have brought it online last year is a gift!
👉Join me on Thursdays for an hour of Yoga and Mindfulness as my ongoing crisis offer. Register here:
👉And more amazing things are happening because my book
is a best seller – YES!!! –  and it’s getting noticed💗!
👉I’m honored to teach three online Master Classes at
Reiki Awakening Academy🎉.
May 29th, June 10th and 24th:
If you like to immerse yourself in the practice that keeps me going no matter what – join me! If you click the link above you can read about what I’m focusing on in the sessions!
I embrace what’s possible!