This is a reflection I shared on Facebook about the poster I created a year ago.

the message is what I am reflecting upon…

– the body is just one of the many parts that make us human…
– flexibility is not just a shape of the body, it is much more a quality 
of the mind. –

For me it’s much more connected to:
– where to give – where to take. 
– say yes or say no. etc.
– to be adaptable not holding a grudge E.g.

All of the opposites (triggers) that keep knocking on our door daily.

I have been after this kind of flexibility all of my life. It taught me to notice and be fiercely aware when I get stuck. It’s our human conditioning that it happens.

Triggers are everywhere. I could tell you about 20 of mine on the spot😆. Perhaps I am diving into this later😏.

Here is what I learn as I go:

1. my noticing it is the first step to get unstuck. Noticing with curiosity not defeat and blame. 
2. choosing something different, like from a different view, different mindset, not from an old habit. That is the work we need to do… it is difficult. That means “bending” so I don’t break to me.
3. Step three is the life challenge we have: making this a way of life

I am on this journey with you… as a yogi, I can offer this:

When you notice you are stuck:
💡remember to notice your breath
💡take refugee in a moment of pause
💡give yourself some flexibility around the helpless feeling of being 
💡breathe again
💡 look for a different angle…
💡 choose a different approach

I promise you this works!

It is a practice… we are not suddenly enlightened and never get stuck again….LOL… But the reaction to being stuck can change…one trigger at a time.

Happily unstuck in this moment … Manuela