Receiving the breath is a result of relaxation not effort
 part 2

How to receive the breath?

In my last blog post I outlined some of my thoughts about what it means to receive the breath. I was on a roll… the post turned out really long…never the less, it contains some important nuggets I feel worth knowing about.

If you want to read it, you can find it here:


Today – I’ll keep it short!

Breathing is something our body knows how to do. It’s the heart and soul of who we are. Just imagine  a healthy baby breathing. There is no effort.
Our busy and often noisy life styles  can keep us from connecting with ourselves.   If you are not familiar with deep natural breathing and your life is stressful,  your breath is probably shallow. Our  awareness is bombarded with all that happens outside of ourselves. We feel there is no time to look within.  Or may be within is more like a foreign country  you have not visited yet.

If the last thought is true for you, put that trip on your bucket list. To connect with our true self is the only way to understand anything in life. For me that’s were happiness lies!

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And -  here is something I want to share with you. I have spend a lot of time with my daughter Sarina on breath awareness. Due to her premature birth she has only 40% of her lungs available. Her natural breath is shallow. She rarely breathes a deep yogic breath.

She does, when she is practicing with me.

And what becomes crystal clear when one observes her while breathing, as soon as she relaxes, when she brings her awareness  inside  (Sarina can only accomplish that with her eyes closed), her breath deepens and develops into a full, effortless breath. She is    r e c e i v i n g    the breath!

Watch the short video below. I hope it helps you get in touch with your own breath. Do it tonight, before you fall asleep. You will go on a journey to yourself. I can promise you that.
click here for the video: