Below is my favorite painting of the year 2020.
Paired with Barbara Winter’s powerful words, it expresses what I feel we all need the most in our lives right now – TRUST.
Painting by my friend and yogini Donna Brady

Painting by my friend and yogini Donna Brady

Trust takes courage and is a personal choice. Trust beats fear. We can cultivate it all day long if we live a mindful life and notice what holds us back. Think about what feeling, conversation, action step, or decision you’re avoiding because of fear.
You have heard me quote: “your body never lies.” Or “your body is talking. Are you listening?” As much as we can learn from listening to its message, we can teach our mind through our body how e.g. grow courage and let go of fear.
幅iny Island Tip
Enlarge your comfort zone.
Take four steps forward with your eyes closed. Pause! Breathe! Repeat!
Want more? Take four steps backward with your eyes closed and increase your steps to six, eight, etc.

Embrace your Journey!