My 🌴Tiny Island Tip of the week:

“Stress doesn’t start in your head. It has its roots in your heart.”

It’s so difficult to sit with helplessness and have no answers to our questions. A deep crisis is not simply going away because of the breath we consciously take or the positive thoughts we cultivate.

We need to know how we’re standing in this life from head to toe. And we need to embrace what’s possible for us – every single day. We need to learn from our hardships.

I’m inviting you to be curious about everything that goes on between your ears and in your heart. That’s how you know what to stand for.

We must move out of our heads and into our hearts  – now.

Hopelessness and fear live in our heads. We’ve spend too much time there neglecting the wisdom or our hearts. And our heart fights back – from wildly beating at night to pain in our chest, to being numb to loving ourselves. We can forget how to truly feel for others being trapped in the shadows or our own pain. Our heart cries out for help when we have bend too far to the ground.

🌴Pause here for a moment – put your ✋🏼hand to your ❤️heart. Start a relationship with the only live giver you have. Feel it? Yes! It’s magical!  Allow it to be magic even if you think this is too much woo woo. It’s not. Celebrate it!

We must start in our hearts. 

Loss brings grief and leaves scars. It paralyzes us. It’s part of our humanness and I learned the hard way – life is not fair. How to hold this posture? How can we lift ourselves, again and again, gather the courage and strength to believe in the next spark or next step?

I remember my first lesson in how to live with loss. I had to sit with it. I had to grieve and fall deep. That was the posture for this time. But I also listened because I was needed. My girl needed me strong, not flat on the floor, barely breathing.

Make sure you look for how you can help – any small act of kindness counts – it helps heal your heart!

All we can do is sit with our helplessness for a while.  And listen for the whispers, the next spark telling us how to light up again. I don’t know how to do this for everybody as much as I don’t experience everybody’s pain. But for me this is true:

After a long, long time of feeling darkness and despair, I feel a spark of hope. I look for it. I ask for it. I listen. It’s my practice. It’s my meditation. And in the deepest corner of my awareness, I hear it: “Move on. You can do this!” And I take the next step.

Step out of victim mode and defeat despite my pain. Hold my posture as a human being between heaven and earth. It doesn’t matter if I can stand or can barely breathe. My friends, who are wheelchair-bound, taught me visualization and imagining works. And they inspire me. I choose to stand firmly grounded on the earth with my feet,  connected to the sky above as I feel my heartbeat. It’s possible, but  you must want it to feel it.

Please be curious about that whisper. Don’t give up just yet. Be available, be silent, and listen. I believe our job is to listen to this whisper.

There are many small crises in everyone’s life and bone crushing experiences that rip our hearts out to put them back deeply scared. And now we live through a pandemic and civil uproar. How are we holding our posture?

I leave the answer to you.

I start in the center of who I am. I choose to connect to my heart.

I have learned we need to know ourselves fully and authentically to help others. It requires work. We need to drop our masks.

My yoga mat is my platform – it’s my Tiny Island: 6 foot long and 2 feet wide. That’s all it takes. Who I am becoming is informed by what I allow to see and feel.

My friend Anna Pereira from The Wellness Universe said today:

“We are in a global reset. Now is the time to be the best version of you.”

Are you with me?

Lead from the heart!