We never know which comes first; our next breath or our next life.

I plan on the next breath. And to combat stress, yes yogis do have stress too😔 I practice longer exhalations to stimulate a relaxation response.

Despite our breath being our source of life, we tend not to notice it. Let’s bring awareness to your breath and change that.

Like right now?

🏝 Tiny Island

1-min breathing – focus on longer exhalation

Goal: four-second inhalation and 8-second exhalation. This takes 12 seconds, which gets you five inhalation/exhalation per minute. You can use your fingers to count.

If this is difficult start with four-second inhalation and 6-second exhalation. With practice, you will quickly improve.

Increase this practice to two minutes if you’re feeling especially stressed out.

And if it needs to be easier…

🏝 Tiniest Island

For one breath, release all tasks, fears and regrets that aren’t necessary to exist in this moment. There: you’ve just visited Home. – Inspired by Martha Beck

🌷Always with love,
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