To shake things up a bit, my Wednesday Whisper for this week hops into your inbox on a Tuesday 😇! At least to my American readers. Find out why at the bottom of this letter.

NOW is a powerful word.

No matter what it is you want to do:

💛 add something to your life

💛 let go of something

💛 change the direction you’re going

💛 up-level the way you feel

NOW holds the power to transform your life and moves you closer to your truth. It’s your golden key to connect to your deepest wants.

Make a decision. Write it down. Connect with the people who will support you. Sign up for a class. Visit nature. Count your tiny wins! Start a daily routine of sitting still; No phone, nothing, only you and your breath. And

Hop on a 🌴 Tiny Island

NOW – Before you read on.


Honor this moment.

Breathe in, be aware you’re breathing in

Breathe out, let go of your battle.


You touched the miracle of being alive!


My golden nugget? I step on my yoga mat every day.

⭐️ Every time I put my feet on my mat and move my body I take care of my needs.

⭐️ Every time I sit still to feel my breath and practice self-reflection I get to change the course of my day.

⭐️ Every time I pause and ask: “What’s happening now?” I change from doing to being.

⭐️ And every time I form an intention about how I want to feel and be, I’m in the NOW.

I flip the switch from I can’t to I can.

My commitment to practice is my way of letting go of doing and embrace being.

I’m grateful for every moment I get to be with myself and feel alive.

To practice embodied mindfulness is a game-changer. You’re asked to show up, be present to what is happening inside and outside of you. And gifted the insight on what your next action step should be. What to let go of and what to include.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time on the mat or your daily choice. Your body changes; it has a message for you. Are you listening?

My brand-new online workshop is coming up. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday and that’s why you receive my WW on a Tuesday😇!

You can join me for one or several theme-based sessions from your living room. Themes include:

Befriending your body ☆ Awareness ☆ Acceptance ☆ Embracing change ☆ Effort and surrender ☆ Boundaries ☆ Honoring your edge ☆ Discernment

You can make a decision to join on the spot, a day before we practice or the same day (send me an email until an hour before class starts) or why not NOW?

Check it out here: and join me in celebration of NOW.