Before you read, pause a moment to receive a deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Inhale deeply.
Exhale and let go.

Repeat if you like.

🌳Hugo gifting us amazing sunsets

I hope you and your family are well. More than ever, do we need to tap into our inner resources not to let fear or worry win. We all have losses now – however big or small.

I started this year with an essential practice: “Hands off the steering wheel.” A few days into it, I eased off and said: “Hands SOFTLY on the steering wheel.”

The main area my intention was focused on is my daughter Sarina and my dream of an EMPTY NEST.

To my biggest joy and surprise, we got close. Sarina was offered a room in a supported living place in Sonoma. We had been on the waiting list for over two years. And now it was going to happen! Move-in date April 1st. That’s TODAY.

I can fill the page with more “things” that are not happening as planned or hoped for, and I’m sure you can too. Even if it can be painful, it doesn’t matter that much in the scope of this virus. We have a shared reality, we’re in this together.

Hands off the steering wheel, right?

I want to be easy on your eyes today. Too much reading or looking at screens is hard on our nervous system.

I’m sharing a 🌴Tiny Island today from the Story section of my book. It’s called Trouble Tree.

Please sit back, relax your eyes, and listen:

Especially when your heart is full of worry, and your mind overflows with fear, let go of a few of them now.

If your fear lingers in the secret chambers of your mind, I belong to this group, look at it with loving eyes, acknowledge and embrace this feeling as your reality now. Let ease and peace enter and let it grow!

Before you go to sleep tonight. Hang your worries on the Trouble Tree🌳.

💙Always with Love,

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