How can we do this?

It starts with awareness and through the concept of The Edge.

I’ve always loved to move. I felt a sense of freedom when I could run fast or climb high. I loved it when the challenge involved a certain risk. Winning a medal was a superpower because it won my father’s praise and love. 

I believed if I train hard, I could do anything. I had no idea that my body had limits – until I tore a few ligaments and broke a few bones. It healed, and I pushed on. 

Fast forward to yoga coming into my life. It felt weird at first. Sitting still? Holding a posture longer than my speedy mind felt comfortable with? This was so different than working out because it was working within.

But I got hooked by the calmness that I felt after class. The awareness of the body-mind connection fascinated me. And how my breath supported me to stay present and really listen to my body.

I was certified as a yoga teacher in 1986. Today, I can say it was the best preparation for dealing with the losses I had to experience and my life as a special needs mom. 

In 1996 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy entered my life. And I learned another life lesson: the concept of The Edge.

When I first heard my teacher ask us to move to our edge in a simple side bend and hang out there and breathe, I didn’t know what to expect. I had followed my pattern of pushing too far and I struggled to stay present. An old shoulder injury hurt. It’s such a simple pose, I thought with a hint of frustration when he said: “On a scale from one to ten, how far into your edge are you?” I whispered 10 of course when he continued: “Ten is too much… it’s unsafe. You’re pushing too hard… and one is not enough… nothing is happening…you’re not showing up.”Find a place where you can stay for a few more breaths. That’s your edge for now.”

Paying attention to my edge – to keep what’s true in view  on and off the mat, became my biggest teacher.

To bring awareness to my edge — where it’s not too much and not too little… teaches me to honor my body in the present moment. Our bodies don’t lie.  And right there, I’m able to check in with my expectations, surrender, and embrace what’s possible. 

Now transformation happens! We learn to accept what’s possible in the present moment – not yesterday or ten years ago! 

To honor your body is the essence of my teaching. 

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Much love, Manuela

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