How can words express what I feel? What do my eyes see?

I have chosen to live in a home hugged by trees. It’s equally valid to say: “the home has chosen me.” My trees are the first thing I see every morning.

Do you know trees are capable of friendships? 

Do you know that trees feel and use scent to communicate with each other? 

That is if we don’t chop them down and break their line of “speaking” to each other.

I have learned trees do experience pain. Trees have memories and live together in community to support each other!

Trees would shake their crowns at such a notion as  – the survival of the fittest – Trees could have come up with the saying:

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

I am deeply grateful to live so close to trees. When I am still enough, I can hear their stories. And when I am slowing down enough I let them listen to mine.

This connection I feel in my bones. It’s something that knocks on my heart the moment I open my eyes in the mornings. 

When I   c h o o s e   to see.

Yoga has taught me the difference between looking and seeing.

Just like we are   t a k i n g   a breath   versus     r e c e i v i n g   a breath.

To see means to   P A U S E  , let our eyes soften to receive what’s unfolding in front of us. It’s the opposite of what we are in the habit of doing. We’re  always looking for something or are on the lookout for what’s next.

Like the breath. Of course, we are breathing as long as we are alive. But if we pause long enough, soften our shoulders and replace doing with being, the breath will flow through us. We are receiving the breath! It becomes a gift we can cherish rather than something we take for granted.

Imagine a dry sponge expanding in the water. It opens up, it grows. It’s effortless. That’s how an inhalation can be. 

If we are too busy, too fast, too exhausted, we cannot receive. 

I learn this on my mat, and I want to expand this lesson by learning from my trees. Trees grow at a leisurely pace.  The word “too fast” is one I want to replace in my life with the word  s l o w  .  Better yet, I want to     s l o w   d o w n   .

Have you picked a word or two for this New Year? Share it with me if you’d like. It’s a beautiful  way to stay connected. In communication, like the trees!

I am too often in the fast lane when I am not on my yoga mat or sitting by my trees. Yes, it’s part of my temperament and brings a lot of joy and fun into my life. But also fatigue. 

I see my father, the king of too fast! The adventures I experienced with him are breathtaking. And my mother the queen of surrender.  Poise and gentleness are qualities she owned. The understanding and unconditional love she expressed are the solid ground I walk on.

I know it’s the middle ground that will protect me and help me live the life I want to live. A bit slower will be it for me.

And here is my wish for you: 

Please start this fantastic New Year with a


⭐️ An exhale

⭐️  As  a  receiver.

Let the next breath be your eternity.

Let your breath flow and your eyes see.

Each time I look at a tree, I will slow down, tune in, surrender and receive!

Let’s say  100% YES to this New Year. 

Let’s fill our cups by receiving so we can offer a hand and share our abundance with those who need us. 

Love always!
Peace and Abundance of Health for 2018!
Manuela 🌳

​PS: A few weeks ago I noticed a grove of younger trees next to a path I like to walk in the morning.  Standing in a circle like children holding hands they look like a tipi offering some mossy rocks in their center to sit down.

They are young bay leaf trees. Sarina and I did a few counts. And ended up with 44 of them! Angel Number! Of course we named it: The Angel Grove!

Here are the two people I dedicate my slower pace and the year 2018 too:

I am reading a fantastic book: The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. Here is a link for you: