“In every cell of your body, you can find both Heaven and Hell. You can choose which channel you want to be on.”These are words Thich Nhat Hanh uses to describe the ups and downs we live with.

Photo by my friend Louisa: Armstrong Redwood State Reserve, Guerneville, CA


So, which channel do you choose when you feel being pulled into the tunnel of defeat?

We have a choice in this. I bet you know. Even if you might not agree, to cultivate a practice that heals, replenishes, and relaxes you from the inside out will offer a bit of heaven when all feels closer to hell.

Here is my number one tool. I practice it many times a day. I stop everything I’m doing and


I sit or stand still to breathe and connect to my body. I notice my thoughts, but I don’t buy into them.

It’s a 🏝 Tiny Island moment.

I have not once been let down by this practice. That’s why I keep sharing it and am creating a whole book with 365 islands for you to visit.

To pause and breathe is a choice of compassion to ourselves.

But how to remember?

By doing it over and over again, like right now. With me.

🏝Tiny Island – 1 minute


Notice your breath.

Breathing in I’m aware of breathing in

Breathing out, I’m aware of breathing out.

Breathing in, I receive life.

Breathing out, I release my struggle.

Move on.

Within each new breath, I have a chance to move to a lighter channel.

Repeat as often as possible, especially when you’re new to this practice, or your thoughts say: “that’s crap. Breathing doesn’t take my problems away.”

No, it doesn’t but believing you can think your way out of it doesn’t work either.

Please add a slice of heaven to your day – even when the clouds are dark!