🍁 I’m reflecting on over thirty years of celebrating THANKSGIVING  in all the places we have lived in the U.S. –  KY, OH, UT, TX, and CA. I gathered incredible friendships! OMG, I’m truly rich in memories💙 you helped create!
🍁 I’m giving thanks to all the Yogis I was honored to meet. And the many still practicing with me now🙏; many became friends. I just had a smile grow big on my face as I remember you!  And what tickles me I, of course, remember your name, your voice, and personality – I, too, remember your posture, your issues 😉, your hurting hip or ankle, your joy, and your tears from a broken heart. Please know, I celebrate you!
🍁 I’m giving thanks to everyone reading my letter I have not met in person. Know, my light shines if I can inspire you to light yours!
🍁 I’m reflecting on my home country Germany, where we are living again now. Here too, I’m blessed with amazing friends🙏. And let me take a deep breath now – to add my sisters to my list. OMG, I cannot fathom my life without my two sisters❣️❣️.


All the above are the many reasons GRATEFULNESS is the golden light that flows through my veins and keeps me going.

Ever. Single. Day! 

🧡 This year is different for all of us. I know some of you are lonely. Please feel an extra embrace🧡

THANK YOU, dear travel companions, for helping me shine and for having touched my life!

Your 🌴Tiny Island 
I invite you to join me to invest in our future! Let’s gaze at the sky tonight and embrace who we’re, whom we love, and who we’re becoming. Let this sacred moment be one we remember as we let go of our battles and shine our light to brighten the sky for ourselves and everyone who needs us!
✨I’ll be looking for your light!✨