​On the picture you see Sarina jump in front of the library of Santa Rosa Junior College. I took it on the last day of her 1. Semester when all the finals where done. That was just two days ago. 

She scored 100%/100% on all of her courses. A significant milestone for her! 

Determined, willing to show up, doing the work and a never ending up hope in her heart made her first chance of going to college a full success.

You might know, Sarina has been waiting for this chance since 2009. Living with the challenges she faces on a daily basis make steps like this like a walk on ice.

Now we are holding another hope: her moving out and to start living on her own again. A fantastic supported living program in Sonoma has one spot open.  She had an interview there last Thursday. Three young women have been on the waiting list before her.  Send your love and support. She deserves this chance. I choose to envision her there already and breath when doubt kicks in😊.

2017 was a roller-coaster year for us on many levels. Losses and victories shook hands a few times. We’re grateful to celebrate today in the home we love, the place we want to be!

I have been reflecting on where we as human beings can find the ongoing courage to be brave, be daring and leap when needed.

I find it in my practice, out in nature and in the yogic texts I keep going back to for the last 30 years. I cherish what I learn by my ongoing study of the Yamas and Niyamas. They are yogas ten guidelines on how we should behave in the world and how we need to pay attention to our inner practice.

The tree below is in front of our home. A colorful thank you that our neighborhood survived the fires.

​And this is what I stand for:

⭐️ I’m sending love to you and your loved ones.
⭐️ Healing and strength if life is challenging for you right now. 
⭐️ Time for reflection and pockets of silence to breathe. 
⭐️ A walk under the sky.
⭐️ And a smile. I also often smile for no apparent reason!

Happy Holidays!


PS. Some of you wrote to me that you have not been able to open links included in my letters to you. I have not figured out why but will try to do so. In the meantime, if you want to read about my yoga life and my life with Sarina, just visit my website. You can click the blog link or the Sarina inspiration and choose what inspires you. Of course, if you let me know I will also try to send my blogs via email to you.