I’m on a GRATEFULNESS journey. I started it when this poster entered my life.

A version of ‘I’ll be happier when…’ had entered my mind. It came camouflaged as ‘when this is over then.’ After I heard these nagging thoughts often enough, I knew action was required. And I knew who was speaking – my inner editor had found a niche into my worried mind and spit out her defeating messages.

COVID 19 does this. The virus is not just penetrating our lungs. It infuses a lot of fear in our minds. A vicious cycle starts. Sarina has compromised lungs, of course, we worried when her coughs woke us up at night. 

My inner editor spied a feast; she likes to win. Her messages were fearful. Thank God I know of her existence, and have found tools to silence her. 

Awareness is a powerful friend. With awareness, we grow our listening skills. We notice when heavy thoughts layered with fear enter, and with practice, we can let them go. 

Lungs don’t like fear. They are life-givers. They need love and ease and lots of fresh air to breathe. If our minds are chained to worry, our bodies will follow. 

Please pay attention to your thoughts before they eat up your life force. Find things that grow your grateful muscle and help your lungs to breathe! Nature is a fabulous helper.

Inspired by the Grateful poster, I invited the women in my Facebook group Embrace what’s Possible to start a challenge with me.  We picked words from A-Z and committed to celebrating the word(s) of our choice every day. Our German ladies chimed in, and our collective joy grew.❤️ 🇩🇪 .

I asked my family for words. Sarina caught fire. She’s a wordsmith and inspired us to dig for more! And the posters where born.

I wrapped my head around gratefulness,  and it hugged me in a blanket of contentment. It grew my smile back. I’m committed to more.

Pick a word or two every day and let it inspire you to make gratefulness win over defeat. Even if you are content with what is, there is always room for more.

Use the 21/90 rule if you want to strengthen a new habit. Commit to a goal for 21 straight days. Then keep it up for three months!

I know COVID can sabotage our emotions. I hope you’ll reach out and share your feelings, especially when they are dark. I’m only a phone call away. 

Air out what’s dark daily, and let fresh air lift you up. It might sound little, but it’s not. 

Gratefulness grows ease and joy. Your lungs will thank you.