Let today’s 🌴Tiny Island Tip inspire you to grow Brave Boundaries! Let it guide you to take a deep breath if you struggle to say NO. 


Being brought up in the sixties to strict Catholic parents, I learned early – girls had to obey! No was not an answer. Sadly this, of course, resulted in not feeling worthy of my opinion. 

As my awareness grew through my Yoga praxis, this “Yes-meaning-No” misery didn’t match my commitment to stand in my truth. And – maybe didn’t help either. When it’s about your truth, saying maybe does nothing but sabotage it. 

To deepen our awareness is an ongoing journey; old habits are sticky. There will always be people who trigger us to be nice and obey. After all, if we have allowed them to get our Yes …no matter what, they are encouraged to expect it again. 

Whenever this happens, be assured it will😉; pause a moment if you feel the YES on your tongue but a MAYBE-NO in your heart…breathe. It’s o.k. if your answer takes a moment. Breathe again and let your next exhalation speak what is true for you. 

Expect your courage muscles to grow. It will support you to set Brave Boundaries and celebrate the YES you spoke to the most important person – YOU!

🌷Always with love,


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