My patience did run thin for the last few weeks. I wanted the pieces of my mosaic to finally fit. Now not later 😉.

The move to Germany has been exhausting. Being tired and back to 24/7 care-taking while creating a new life brought me over the edge for a while. Impatience growth like wheat when we have to put ourselves last. But with awareness to our own needs we gain it back quickly.

Here are my

Five Tips When You’re Low On Patience


1. P A U S E 


for your daily 🌴 Tiny Island Tip 

NO complaining. ONLY kindness, PLEASE. To yourself, first!!!





This means you have no one and no to-do list to care for – you’re your priority!

BEING for me happens in nature, hiking or biking and visiting my trees.

My first bike ride alone gifted me my new 🌳 friend! Sarina and I went back the next day, to name her:

Please welcome 🌳 Lola!



It’s a big one and the most important to pay attention to. Letting our thoughts dominate our world is poison. My thought ribbons weaved itself into a giant bow of worries.

It went like this: “For over ten years I want to be an Empty Nester. I’m 64, and now I’m more chained to my daughter than ever before. She has no day program. We share a much smaller space than we’re used to; one bathroom with “Curly Chaos” Sarina. She drops everything. “ And: “ It’s all up to me…”

Plus unsettling feelings nestled in my heart: “Will I be able to create the life I want for her, a life of belonging. Will the big fat dream I have for her and me be born?”

Of course it will!❣️


4.  P A U S E 

before you react


This skill becomes possible when you bring awareness to your challenges and put yourself first by pausing to rest and reflect. One breath consciously taken can change everything!




If all of this doesn’t feel  like enough to create more peace with your situation, express your anger when calm.

Please remember if you are in a similar boat and the overwhelm is too much it’s necessary to voice your frustration. But don’t let it turn into blaming others. Start your sentence with “I feel….” instead of “You always do…”. Then let it be! To do this takes practice. Try it, it’s a game changer.


Now remember, hands softly on the steering wheel can make all the difference to ease your struggle. Supported by above tools you’ll fill up your cup. It will support you to step into trust. If I can you can!

My healthy ME! is back.

Remember the song? Sing it and

Let it be 🎶 Let it be 🎶