I thought to write a Happy Wednesday Whisper this week. I need ease and more smiles in my day. You too?

This story is about my trashcan Fritz and the lessons I learned about procrastinating.

I asked Miriam Webster; she says: Procrastination is to put something off intentionally or habitually.

Now with being in quarantine, most of us have more time to sit around and think. Right? Here is an idea:

Are you a procrastinator? Correct me if I’m wrong, I think we all are.

I invite you to find one, only one thing you always wanted to do, learn, get done, say, write, buy, get rid of, gift away, or replace. But you delayed.

Do this: 

Pause. Relax. Breathe. Think.

What is the one thing that you delay but could fix – if? Write this on a piece of paper. Do or start this project today or put a date in your calendar.

Don’t delay. Not out of habit nor intention. Keep the piece of paper until you’re finished – then celebrate. I just wrote mine down. And will share with you towards the end of this story.

First to Fritz, my trashcan. 

I like to name important things :-).

Fritz Jr. moved in right next to the bathroom sink a few weeks ago. He now occupies the same spot Fritz Sr. lived in for years.

Fritz Sr. was a nice trash can. Step-on and good looking. With a gentle step on the pedal voila, he’d open the lid to catch our tissues for years. All hands-free! He had one fault, his base was too small, he easily tumbled. I bought him for his delicate look not thinking of my husband’s feet. He wears size 13!

As Fritz Sr. aged, the pedal gave up, and the lid got stuck. It wouldn’t open.

Our tissues turned into issues.

Instead of opening the lid and catching our stuff Fritz Sr. fell over, summersault-style, and spilled everything on the floor.

This was annoying the first time around. As I delayed getting a new one, this trouble with Fritz turned the mood sour. Fritz Sr. had to listen to raw emotions and marital conflicts. 😆

Why did I not replace Fritz sooner? Why did I catch fire with the mess on the floor for too long, got secretly annoyed with my husband for not stepping up to buy a new one? And turned angry with him when he suggested a truth: “You are a procrastinator.“


Well, let me tell you the spoken and unspoken conversations around this annoyance was, let’s say interesting.  Eye rolling and victim mode showed up.“Why me? Why do I have to do all that stuff? I’m too busy. Someone else replaces that silly can.“ But nobody did. As weeks went by, the lid wouldn’t even budge when we tried to open it by hand.

My voice turns stingy when I’m no the defense: “I’m not a procrastinator, I have more important things to do“. His tip: “order one on Amazon!“ didn’t help. I was stubborn now. I demanded to see and test the new can personally for looks and stability. No tumbling with the new one. I wanted to buy one in a store. But I forgot. Replacing Fritz didn’t make it onto my to-do list. The next spill in the morning reminded me. My self-talk was not helping “Why me? Why do I have to do all that stuff? I’m busy enough. Someone else replaces that silly can.“

I finally replaced old Fritz. Since peace is restored and Fritz Jr. moved in, stable base, step-on, and, even better looking I have new thoughts about me and procrastinating. I habitually delay ordinary things. Awareness is a truth – finder, 😉 but we have to act on this truth!

Five things I learned in the process of

replacing Fritz:

1. Be honest – victim mode is an alarm, listen and act.

2. Procrastination is happening to all of us – don’t look the other way.

3. Be aware of negative self-talk and eye-rolling – it holds a truth the heart can hear.

4. Pay attention to what annoys you in daily life – write it down – fix things one at a time.

5. Ask questions – Fritz had to be perfect. Why? I’m a perfectionist and could ease off a little.

While Fritz Jr. gifts us happiness when he catches our tissues, I promised myself to pay attention next time simple things create issues.

What did I write on my list? 🙈 Xmas deco. It’s floating on top of boxes in the garage; I will not delay. It’s going inside the boxes tomorrow.

I’m curious. Do you have your trouble spot on your list? Will you delay or go for it? I’d love to know your thoughts about this.