When you notice yourself become anxious, upset, or caught up in obsessive thinking, hop on this 🌴 Tiny Island as often as possible during the day:

🌴 Tiny Island – Shift Your Perspective To Your 👣

  • Pause
  • notice your feet
  • feel the bottom of your feet touch the ground
  • are your feet warm or cold?
  • breathe
  • wiggle your toes
  • inhale and imagine your breath traveling down to your feet
  • exhale slowly – feeling, visualizing, and appreciating your feet

Think about this:

⭐️ Your feet are amazing. And they are as far away from your head as you can get. They communicate with the earth. Feel your feet and they’ll invite you to pause overthinking. – Manuela

⭐️ Your feet can take you on a journey; your head can only take you on a trip. – Gabrielle Roth

⭐️Your head is the ladder. Bring it down under your feet. – Rumi

🌴Tiny Island Tips! 

👣 walk barefoot
👍🏼 massage your feet
💎 pick up a tissue or rocks with your toes
🎾 roll a tennis ball
👣 legs up the wall to give them a break
💙 love your feet

Reminder to Remember!

1. write “feet” on sticky notes, place them around the house

2. write “feet” on your hand (my favorite)

3. set a timer on your phone to ring at certain intervals to remind you of your feet

👣 Each time you remember to feel the bottom of your feet;  celebrate!

🌷 Always with love,
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PPS: We have a red flag warning in CA 🔥 – send your prayers. Mine is on the way!