For mothers of special needs children and for all who love inspirational words.

On my journey into the online world of doing business the left side of my brain had some serious catch up to do.

Analytical thinking, the logic behind this beast-of-communication elopes me on a regular basis.

But giving up on it was not an option – it never is! Help was difficult to find unless one hires a virtual assistant that works with your budget.(almost impossible!)

The universe was against me 😉. Everyone I asked didn’t know the how-to’s either.

Today help arrived.  I met with a young 17-year-old woman. One of my friends connected us. Not only was the clickable link created in a minute, but my other questions were answered in five.

It feels as if magic moves in, when things finally work out.  Life flows, the breath deepens, joy takes residence in our bodies and makes everything easier.

Why are we tested and get stuck forever?

I don’t know. I gave up on asking “why”!😉

All I know is
💡it’s often the little things driving us nuts.

If we enter new territory; if we want to learn something new – and yes, WE SHOULD! it holds golden nuggets as a reward – we need PATIENCE.  We need to keep going how ever small the steps are.

I have created the “Eight Sacred Gifts” as a freebie for my future subscribers and the special program I’m building for mothers who walk in my shoes. And of course for you💛. My loyal students, subscribers and friends! Thank you!

It means so much to me to have you as my readers and to know you are somewhere out there rooting for me.

I hope you are well and yoga or something else meaningful keeps you springy and balanced. And remember, never give up no matter the challenge. I know how it feels.

So here is the magic creation in just   f o u r   letters.

For my freebie, please click:


Always with love!


PS: 💗I don’t shine if you don’t shine!

PPS: I trust this HERE works for you. Let me know it arrived and what you think; it will increase my joy! Always with love!