I’m committed; I’m not letting my dream slide. Also at times, it’s a balancing act to keep it alive.

This is my dream:

I want to be an empty nester!

and I’m adding “not in the end, I’m already over the middle, I deserve it now!”

Now as in the year 2020! This voucher I translated from a German postcard comes handy:


If challenges are demanding you to stop everything on your list, it’s easy to fall prey to what’s hard or painful. And we tend to forget our wish or that big fat dream.

I know this because it happens to me; it happened yesterday; I crushed. I have to go on a trip I don’t want to make.

After feeling the pain long enough, and crying exhausting tears I paused, closed my eyes to feel my body receive the breath to re-remember what I want to celebrate this year. Our bodies know! Are you listening? I did.

My mind said: I want my daughter to find her nest so mine can be empty.

And my body answered: You have not come so far to only come so far. Point taken.

I want my daughter to find her nest so mine can be empty.  You have not come so far to only come so far, brought me back on track.

If you want your dream to come alive, however small or big, don’t give up because you’re tired of dreaming or hoping and being thrown off your path. If your dream simply is to live your life well – that is a  BIG DREAM.


It’s damn tricky to not give up.  And drum roll it’s a practice. Remember, the main companion on your journey? 🙈







👉 Who wants to practice when the red no-time-button flashes?

You and I!

That’s what navigating the bumpy road from suffering to freedom is all about. You must make a commitment to learning tools that work and practice them — DAILY — not only when you feel like it or the last breaths is near. Tools you own because you step out of your comfort zone to be the pilot on this trip. Tools you can come back to quickly when life breaks you. Enjoy being prepared!


Breathe a big roaring yes into your dream now. And walk the mindful path

The one where every moment is a gift and a mystery.


If you crash, feel it. Cry hard and let your tears cleanse you. Then take some deep breaths to pick yourself back up and make the next step. I have learned that the next step is always possible. Grab my hand… you don’t have to do this alone.

Today I’m leaving for Germany. A last-minute thing, decided yesterday.  An emergency business trip for my husband I don’t want to make. I had other plans; ha! He suffers from severe depression and our autism spectrum daughter has to travel with us.

Does changing your plans sound familiar? How often did you have to replace plan A with B-C-D etc.? How did you do it?

I own my resilience to the gifts delivered on my yoga mat. My demanding life as a caregiver keeps me in check. I salute my practice! It shows me how to navigate through the middle, around the potholes and hungry dragons. Hands soft on the steering wheel is what I want to learn this year.

To pause, breathe, relax and repeat are my sacred travel companions. My 🌴Tiny Islands hold the treasures I use.

🌴Tiny Island



Fill our lungs with the energy of NOW.


Make the next step.


Allow yourself to wish for the impossible. Because a dream is always possible!

Yes? or No? Keep it simple!