I find this invitation extremely important. The word hate has such destroying power. Yet it’s everywhere.

I got curious about how often it shows up in my day.

And ✋🏼 –  💛, there it was. I heard myself think, whisper and say it out loud when it wasn’t necessary, and I heard it from others.

When I shouted it at my disobedient computer – to no effect, 😉it felt good to get rid of my frustration. No harm was done.

When I found it slide out of my mouth against a person when reading the news, it didn’t feel right. Words do harm. They have the power to hurt or heal; their energy latches on. Good or bad.

My goal?

  • I want to not overuse negative throw-away words out of habit and never against people.
  • I want to remember I intend to not harm myself and others with my words.


  • I’ll flip the switch when triggered. Awareness is the tool! What doesn’ feel right needs to go.
  • The letter “H” adorns my hand, so I see it when I look down and for the rest of the week it hangs written on sticky notes in places I frequent.

A visual always works, no matter what I want to cultivate or let go off.

Do you use words with a negative spin too often?

Catch yourself – words have the power to hurt or heal. Flip the switch to feel better.

Don’t hate – meditate!

I don’t shine if you don’t shine!

Always with love,


PS: At times, we must shout out our truth or anger. It’s freeing. Swallowing what needs to be said is suffocating.

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