Yesterday Carl Rogers beautiful words arrived at the exact right time. Words and people show up when we need them or their messages. Right?

“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at the sunset, I don’t find myself saying, soften the orange a bit on the righthand corner…” That’s powerful!

How do we let people be?

I had found myself triggered by my husband’s polishing attempts of my orange. In his opinion, I’m often too fast and too scatty 😄. He is right only half of the time. 😆

And of course, I was triggered right back wanting to soften his orange. He, in my opinion, is often too serious, too logical not enough play or fun. I’m right only half of the time. 😆

We both loved these opposites in your beginnings.

Now we have to bring some awe back and watch each other’s sunset unfold.💓

For my goal this year I want to change things that have a negative impact on my daily life. I’m choosing the letter “O” this week. It stands for Orange and resembles my wish to let people be.

It will be extra interesting as I’m on route to Germany with members of my extended family pulling my triggers. I’m guessing the “O” will be on my wrist for a while!

I hope you enjoy your own sunset as much as the people you’re with.

✴️Always with Love,

PS: Two weeks ago, I shared in my Wednesday Whisper “Don’t Hate Meditate” my plan to not
overuse negative throw-away words out of habit. I painted the letter “H” on my hand each day. It works. The “H” word is not sliding out of my mouth as quickly any more. You can read about it here:

So, there is Hope! Another beautiful H word to practice.

PSS: Enjoy this poster from SoulTreat in April in Sedona. It’s happening again in November… come practice with me! It’s going to be an epic weekend with amazing healers and speakers!