It is what it is; if we want to change, let go or add something to our life, we first need AWARENESS of what it is we’d love to cultivate. 

Without awareness, any changes we try to create are beyond our reach.

We are powered by breathing! To own your breath means: 

  • You are curious about it.
  • You understand that breath is life.
  • You realize tension, anxiety, and anger shorten your breath… and your life!
  • You commit to pausing the go-go-go-hamster-wheel.
  • You pay attention to your breath YOU BECOME AWARE!

Like right now, hop on a 🌴 Tiny Island

Pause 🌟 Relax 🌟 Breathe out 🌟 Breathe in 🌟 Repeat.

👉 Reflect. While you were breathing, were you in your head thinking or present to your body? Paying attention creates awareness!


When we relax, we can breathe better, and when we breathe better, we feel better, which in turn helps us to breathe better… and you tap into life’s gift to us 👉  to receive and release energy with each breath we take 👉 about 15 times per minute or 22.000 times a day! IMAGINE!

  • Your heart rate drops
  • Your nervous system rebalances
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate lower
  • Your energy increases
  • You sleep better
  • You instill a sense of calm
  • You grow your resilience muscle

You’ll be prepared – when things fall apart, which they always do,

😥 🌪 🤯 🔥 🩺 ⚡️ 🏩 🌧 🤕 💔 😷 

you’re not helpless.

Once you embody this awareness, you’ll start to own your breath and your peace✌🏼.  Inner peace grows and resides in the present moment; If you embody this wisdom, it will multiply!

Remember, your breath is your most powerful friend!

Much Love,

Manuela 🌴 ✨🐘 

PS. “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace!”  is part of my Tiny Island Wisdom List for 2021.

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