The tiny ones that are easy to miss?


The Win!

The Win! Sarina: “I’m a rock star” when she received these amazing flowers from UC Medical Center in Cincinnati for the hats she gifted to the NICU! Hats with a MIssion!


The other day I went to a Nia dance class, my second love after yoga. They had a raffle. I put in my name in and was ready to go home after class when they announced to draw the winner.

I never win in lotteries or this case raffles. But before I could let this thought make me leave, I heard my name.

I won the first prize! 

🎁 A vocal and somatic healing session to activate your sacred voice.

Double win. I’m in training to be a speaker. Share my story and message via my voice. 😁 Amazing right? I drove home with joy zooming out of the roof of my car😂.

I’m good at counting the tiniest wins. My daughter, born weighing one pound and fifteen ounces taught me that.

🎯 Do you notice your wins? – The tiny wins that are easy to miss? – They are the ones you have been waiting for!

💙 The breath you take – it’s a gift!

💙 The smile you receive – it’s pure joy!

💙 The sky above you – have you looked?

💙 The food on your plate – who made it?

💙 The person next to you in line – have you paid attention?

💙 The body you wake up with – did you give yourself a hug today?

And so much more.

And most of all, are you letting your tiny wins navigate you through a rough day and at the end of the day LET THE TINY WINS WIN?

Here are four things I do to let my tiny wins win:

🎉 I don’t look for the things I could win, but for the ones already at my fingertips.

🎉 I honor and notice The Little Live Times*

🎉 I have a “win book” by my bed. If I had a hard day, I reflect and write down my wins…similar to a gratitude journal.

🎉 I buy myself flowers when I feel I’m on the losing end to decorate my soul!

What are Little Live Times? Pema Chodron spoke about them in her workshop This Sacred Journey, and I have adopted this view into my life.

Everything has a beginning and an end. Right? This idea is hard to grasp when the path you’re on is rough, and no end is in sight.

Pema pointed us toward noticing things in our ordinary daily life that have beginnings and ends. The one I stick to found its way into my

🏝Tiny Island – Walking through a door.

As you get ready to walk through a door

  • Pause.
  • Breathe in.
  • Step through the door with the intention to leave EVERYTHING behind. If that’s too much…or heavy 📦 choose the one thing that most bothered you. Let it go!!
  • Breath out.
  • Step into the next room or space.
  • Breathe in and notice you are in a new space or lifetime. Embrace that.

🎉 You’re leaving one live time behind and step into the new one.

I count countless wins by doing this. It’s in the power of pausing and your willingness to not shrink into the misery of defeat. Lift your heart and start fresh!

There are power and healing in the next step you take! Your next step is your win!