Do you know your mood sponsors? Let me share some of mine!

🌳Trees are high on my list. Hang on there are more!

Does something in your life lift your mood? Like on the spot?

Do you know and use your mood sponsors?

No matter how challenged or low I know my mood sponsors well. And I go to visit them. Sometimes they come in the form of an image or a memory.

I needed to clean up my online photos. Your storage is full was like the red-light blinking on my dashboard when I’m running low on gas. Fill it up now or you will be stopped. I have not always obeyed the warning signs – I’m an incurable optimist 😇 and you can guess the result. So I started to clean up the crazy mass of pictures I have. I found many mood sponsors!

Am I getting better as I get wiser?🤔 at not ignoring THE SIGNS. Yes, I do. To not attach is a yogic skill I can promise you’ll learn on your mat! All it needs practice – life-long practice!

Sarina was sick with bronchitis all week. I noticed the red lights flash by my level of exhaustion in my bones but, sick is sick. She cannot take care of herself. Is life always an uphill battle?

What is your answer? Yes or no? Or sometimes? Pause a moment here and let an image of your battle pop up! Be honest.

My answer is YES.  Immediately as I write this, I want to soften the yes. Because I want to master this life with the pain of my experience in it. I come to understand that it’s a mix of tears and smiles.  So it’s a YES to master the uphill battle – one step at a time.

And as I master it for myself I hold a great responsibility for my girl. And that is difficult.

How much can you surrender? Surrender to accept the life you have? When in the back of your mind the words blink: I cannot die before my daughter belongs. I’m taking a deep breath here now… Destiny delivered. I must help myself and I’m responsible for my life. Point taken💡.

I want ease and ease is hard to come by on my path, but I find it in the moments I pause and in my mood sponsors:

Breathing – birds – barefoot – candle-light – dark chocolate truffles – dancing – friends – featherbed – flirting – headstand – hugs – lemons – laughter – love – music – ocean – owls – peppermint – pausing – pink toenails – trees – tulips – top-down-car – silk – sky – smiles – sisters – soul-food – silence – snail-mail – wine – yoga.

And I know there are more! It’s just a matter of letting them into your life.

Most days I’ll let my trees lift me and remind me to connect to my roots, to bend with the wind and to feel my lungs fill up with the breeze they share.

Gift yourself a 🌴 Tiny Island

  • Pause.
  • Pick a scent you love. Or use mine 🍋.
  • Breathe in the scent, cherish it, let it fill you up.
  • Breathe ease and well-being out into the world so others can gather it up while it nourishes your soul.

Together we’re stronger!

Know, my light and vibes are on the way to you. Pause – Breath- Repeat!