This little story landed on my screen at the right moment.
And I decided to share it with you as it is.
I have learned to listen to the messages delivered to me by my thoughts with curiosity. I don’t want to bite the hook aka give my thoughts more meaning then they deserve.
Ten years ago I decided to be an Empty Nester for two reasons.

One – I want to be able to witness Sarina living the life she deserves and desires with the support she needs in her own nest.

Two – I’m committed. I’m not going to die until my daughter belongs (this wish is now the title of my book).

In a way, I have decided to reach the top of the tree. And more often than not hear: “It’s Impossible, It’s Impossible…” Sometimes it’s my own fear talking to me.

When I read the frogs story, I had a lot of doubt if my plan ever will be full filled. The top of the tree felt far away.

It is, but negative thoughts won’t get me there faster.

I keep practicing “to be deaf to negative thoughts” and keep climbing.

I hope you do too!💡To struggle is human; to edit, divine!

🌷Always with love,

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more about it later….