We just arrived in the U.S. and on our flight home, I proofread my story “BROKEN DREAM” before it goes to the final publisher. It has been almost a year to get this baby born and it feels like my sky is shining brighter now.

My story ends with this quote:

My joy and strength, my whole lives energy, my plans, and dreams are tied to that final Yes! And I dare to let my yes be louder than all the no’s that kept frightening me.

I’m holding my yes like a raw diamond in my pocket. And I’m going to polish it.

Sarina’s “Hats with a Mission” project is dynamite!

Sarina gifts 46 tiny hats to the NICU in Speyer, Germany

She is going to thrive. The path appeared. After her first official mission where she gifted 46 tiny hats to the NICU in our home town Speyer, Germany, she whispered: “Finally I’m worth something.”

Broken Dream holds my healing journey at its core. What I learned as the mother of a unique child from sitting six months at the incubator, watching her survive to twenty-eight years of walking by her side to support her to move toward her own dream.

Stay tuned. I’ll soon share much more about it. You’re the first to hear!


Celebrate with me! My story will be part of the book: “Winning in Life and Work. Dare to Dream.”

 Coming out towards the end of the year.



Together we are stronger!