Sarina, my risk taker💙

💙 Sarina, my risk-taker💙

“Stepping out of your comfort zone? Why now?” I hear you say, “my comfort zone is such a cozy place to be.”

Fine with me, yet what puts a spark in your eyes?

2020 dimmed a lot of lights. Never the less 2021 is here, and we can choose how we want to feel.

Did you ever do something you were really proud of? The thing that made your heart beat faster and puts a big smile on your face? It up levels how you feel! It can have a ripple effect on the course of your life!

Miracles rarely happen if you live on auto-pilot!

I see stepping out of my comfort zone as a test drive to grow courage. And with courage, I’m able to embrace new ways of thinking and being, opening up to a different perspective. It will help you to be more resilient when bigger things trigger you. Your brain will remember!

I vote for a good mix of comfort with a routine you can relax into and taking a risk every day, where you rock the comfort a little and try something different.

In stepping out of your comfort zone, you can surprise yourself; you can feel what you might have felt as a child when you broke a rule, but nobody noticed. Hello, butterflies in your belly! You might feel awkward, but you will, for sure, grow.

It will light up your day and eyes ✨ and make you feel alive!

😳 Zipline or walk on fire🔥 ? Not your thing? Start small.

Six fun routine breakers:

👣Try walking backward six steps and repeat with your eyes closed. Worried you might fall? Do it!

🧘🏼‍♀️Instead of TV, sit still and enjoy your breath for five minutes (set a timer!).

🚿Finish your shower with a spray of cold water – feet first then up to your heart.

😃 Smile towards everyone, including the person who triggers you.

🎈Blow bubbles and catch them or play with a balloon!

💃🏼 Hug yourself or a pillow and dance through your hallway and sing! Do that right now!👏🏼

Let’s grow sparks together 💫

Much Love, Manuela

P.S. “Do something out of your comfort zone” is part of my Tiny Island Wisdom List for 2021. For a PDF to print out click here: