Today I’m sharing a blog post I wrote for the fantastic event: A Day of Complete Self-Care hosted by The Wellness Universe on 4-26-2020.

We had over five-hundred people registered! The reviews touch my heart and are the reason I keep doing what I love: Yoga, mindfulness and writing.

I was honored to be one of the presenters talking about how mindful yoga helped me cope with crisis.

Mindful Yoga helped me cope with crisis

All of us are being called to face our fears, overcome our resistance to sorrow and loss, and embrace heart-centered living.

Covid-19 is teaching us something.

How can we manage the effects of this pandemic on our lives? Nothing is as planned. Uncertainty of the future, fears for our loved ones — even needing to wear a mask while grocery shopping and facing empty shelves of the necessities we seek, has tipped our balance and dropped us into deep anxiety.

We ask questions. “When will this awful threat and disruption to our lives end?” But no one can answer.

There is no time more important to care about our well being than now. And my life experience has taught me this lesson the hard way.

Almost three decades ago, I gave birth to a micro-preemie girl. My daughter, who we named Sarina, was born four months early by emergency C-section. She weighed 881g (1 pound and 15 oz.) and barely had a chance to live through the night. But miraculously she lived.

However, her life and ours has faced, and continues to face, many challenges that has caused great stress and heart ache in our family.

In addition to significant health issues that make her extremely vulnerable to the virus (a great source of anxiety to us), she is on the autism spectrum and though an adult is unable to fully care for herself. Where most parents see their children grow up and leave the nest, Sarina lives with us.

The stay at home order has been challenging for everyone, but it has magnified the daily challenges for my family.

I care about my wellbeing. By necessity, I have learned to put myself first, to make soulful self-care my priority every day. That’s how I live through the often impossible seeming challenges of my life.

It’s no accident that I became a yoga teacher and Phoenix Rising yoga therapist. I have been practicing for over 30 years and am grateful for the gifts this has brought into my life.

I’m here to support you in sharing my practices of yoga and mindfulness; teach you how to connect to your body and breath for inner peace and healing.
I believe in tiny steps and gentleness — paying attention to your breath and noticing it in connection to your body as a way of steadying the mind and looking at your life.

Crisis unsettles us, but healing and finding balance is possible. A regular practice of yoga and mindfulness practice can support you to:

  • Pause and release tension, in your body and mind;
  • Drop into the present moment with each breath;
  • Shift your energy to feel more ease and well being;
  • Grow your awareness to find peace within you;
  • Connect to your core wisdom and trust again.

What you practice will be with you for the rest of your life. I see an opportunity for all of us to transform our obstacles into possibilities to embrace what’s possible. Resilience grows when we notice that we have a choice in how we want to engage with ourselves and the world.

Learning to connect to your body and honor what is possible at that moment is life changing.

Mindfulness will benefit not only you, but the people you are with and perhaps care for.

Mindfulness offers greater perspective so we can see more clearly.

It awakens us to pay attention to how things are. It puts us in the present moment – not yesterday or tomorrow. We can grow our awareness and realize that it is a truth-finder.

Mindfulness not only reminds us to pause to create a gap before we react to our challenges, it opens our eyes to the extraordinary beauty of our life. It enables us to notice the magical moments that, whether we are aware or not, exist right next to our struggles. By being mindful, we find a deep appreciation for the path that we’re on.

I’d love to support you in inviting your body to be your friend on this journey. Experience ease by letting go. Slowly but surely, you will replace fear with calm and trust.

Please connect with me anytime you need guidance and support. I’m here to help. I’d love to gift you my 11 Tiny Island eBook. It holds soulful self-care practices to guide you on your journey. You can receive it here:

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