After today, Wednesday Whisper will be resting for a bit.

In the chaos Covid added to our life with Sarina, I reached the breaking point. It sabotaged her dreams of living away from home. It put me on edge with caring for her every day. It was too much.

Special needs people and their parents feel invisible in this mess we’re all going through. They are.

But magic✨ happened… a door opened at the end of the tunnel. I found a place for Sarina; she moved in on Monday for a six-week trial period.

My days revolve around helping and organizing her to be safe and understood on the other side. A huge job, a paper war only special needs parents know about.

My life with Sarina taught me that self-compassion is the beginning and end of helping others. I’m honoring the magic force of this new beginning by honoring my needs.

If our plate is too full, we need to let something go!!!
I’m walking my talk and let the whisper rest. 

So dear Wednesday Whisper fans, send us your love, ✨vibes, and prayers. Let the six weeks turn into a new life for all of us.  🙏

💫Let’s grow sparks together!
Much Love, Manuela