Let’s honor our hands!

We can talk with them, use them to express our joy and anger, put them on our chest to feel the beating magic, and right now, like never before, we talk a lot about them:

Wash your hands! 

Keep your hands off your face! 

Don’t touch this! Don’t touch that!

In an article, I read touching our faces is an ingrained and unconscious habit. What do you think? How often are you touching your face in an hour? 

Just as I paused a moment to think about this question, I found my hand on my cheek🙃 . Studies have shown we do it more than 20 times an hour!

If you want a challenge, pay attention while you speak or have dinner and count how many times you touch your face in an hour. It’s a good mindfulness practice! I did it with my sister, and we were surprised as we hit the 20 times/hour mark🤨. I’m changing that!

Here’s a 🌴 Tiny Island on how to turn washing your hands into an act of mindfulness and be kind to yourself and the planet.

🌴 Tiny Island – Compassion is in the palm of your hands.

Pause and rest your hands on the sink.

Feel your feet on the floor – grounding yourself.

Take a deep breath. In and out. Let go of your battle!

Turn on the faucet and wet your hands. 

Feel the temperature of the water.

Turn off the tap. Yes. You’re going to be scrubbing for 20+ seconds; no need to waste our precious water.

Apply soap. 

Instead of counting to 20, take two or three deep breaths! Or sing “I feel good…I know that I would…so good…” or “purple rain,” or a lullaby.😆  Thanks, God, for music 🎶 !

As you scrub, slow down; notice the palms and the back of your hands, between your fingers, around your fingernails.

Do you make bubbles? 

This is washing hands mindfully.

Rinse. Appreciate the feeling of water on your hands; it’s a luxury.


Put your hands on the sink, or I prefer them on my heart.

Feel your feet on the ground.

Take a deep breath and let a smile curl up from your core. (It’s o.k. to fake it!) 🙂

Now ask: how do I want to feel? Breathe. Choose an intention. Act on your intention. You just gathered a win! 👏🏼

Thank You!

I hope I brighten your days with my whispers, big or small. I embrace my friendship with many of you and equally our connectedness even if we have never met. Thank you for reading and commenting or being on the mat with me.

Thanks to the sky for us!

✋🏼  Hand to Heart  ❤️ 

✨ Much Love and Happy Holidays!✨