Do you have a favorite spot to meditate?

Mediation is the art of pausing to witness without judgment!

We can play an active role in changing our brain and increase our well-being and quality of life by engaging in silent reflection.

On and off our yoga mat or meditation cushion. Eyes open or closed it doesn’t matter.

I love to find my jewels to pause and hop on a 

🏝Tiny Island 

in nature. 

There I let my “view” relax.


This is one of my Tiny Island in my hometown Speyer, Germany.  Where I am for the months of June!

I want to strengthen my skill to relax my view when I’m with challenging peeps or my trigger-tribe😇.  

And – let them have all the colors of the rainbow without my need to change the orange (look for my whisper 22/19 on my website!)

The feedback nature offers is always immediate, on the spot healing and joy. 

This is a picture of the Sonnenbrücke – the bridge we walk to cross a small creek called Speyerbach. It leads to Old Town Speyer.

It’s so beautiful, but for my high school years, I wished and prayed for a flood to make it disappear!

Holy Hell was on the other side of the bridge. An all Catholic girl school run by nuns only who cared little for me and my tomboy girlfriends who loved trees more than the classroom.

OMG, it was a hard time, and I survived it😉.

After all, I can keyboard like a pro because of the drill sister Ambrosia forced us to follow😂. I’m grateful for it as much as I’m thankful for the bridge to be here still to give us such joy!

I’m relaxing my view!

🌷Always with Love!


P.S. will share more of my Speyer as I go!

Here is one with my girl Sarina💓