Breath is life. Are you aware of how you breathe?

Deep breaths are like little love notes for your body are my favorite words in connection to our breath.

Do you know how you breathe? Or, are you out of breaths often?

The breath is like your heartbeat. It’s here now. You can’t breathe ahead. It’s happening in the moment.

Despite the breath being our source of life, we tend not to notice it. I’d love to help you change that!

Our busy lifestyles create tension and stress in our bodies and minds.


But it can be our best friend on our journey and help us release fatigue and overwhelm.

There is freedom in the breath. It’s yours, it’s free, it’s magical and powerful!

Ideally, we breathe in and out through our nose. The air gets filtered and warmed up before it enters our body. It’s truly a luxury!

🏝Pause a moment.
Notice your breath as it comes in and out and gently exhale.
Slowly breathe in through your nose. Feel the air as it travels through your throat. Feel its temperature.
Now do the same but breathe in through your mouth.

Notice the difference?

Teach yourself to breathe through your nose as you bring awareness to your breath. E.g., watch yourself reading a book or being on the computer. Are you breathing through your mouth?

Make it a habit to keep your lips gently touching and your jaw relaxed.

Awareness of the breath creates change. It offers relaxation and a chance to let go of effort in the middle of a difficult task.

Often when people start doing yoga and learn to pay attention to their breath, they notice how shallow it is.

Often, I’m asked how to breathe or how to breathe into the belly.

Anatomically that’s not possible. We breathe into our lungs; when we inhale, they expand out to the sides and down towards our diaphragm, which is our largest breathing muscle located above your stomach. As the diaphragm contracts, it sinks toward your belly button and gently compresses the organs. They respond and move down and out. The belly rises automatically to make room.

This creates your natural deep and full breath while it massages and cleanses your organs and stimulates your energetical power center; the solar plexus which is an essential part of your nervous system to regulate how we feel.

You can feel this with your hand as you practice. It’s not happening by pushing out your belly. It’s happening for you by being relaxed enough to let the breath take its course.

Envision a balloon you slowly fill with air. It grows from the inside out. The same happens with our breath. Sticking out the belly is not helping you to breathe deeper.

Can you see how beautifully we’re created and sadly so how we can get in the way of this most natural flow? By not knowing or living our life on overdrive for too long without caring for our body, mind, and soul, we’re depriving ourselves of this amazingness.

Not making self-care a priority like pausing to bring awareness to your breath cuts you off lives energy. Whatever we do or feel, our breath responds to it. When we’re in a rush, the breath quickens, and when we’re in a panic, the breath shortens. Poor posture, the lack of movement or fresh air further leads to compromised breathing and decreased energy.

Gifting yourself love notes with your breath is no luxury. It must be your favorite thing to do!
A lot is going on when we breathe. But not to worry. It’s a gift, we don’t have to do anything to receive. Unless we’re too busy or don’t care. That’s when the breath shortens, and your energy reservoir shrinks.

As we make a commitment to make self-care a reality and start to pause to notice how we feel and breath, we can learn to relax. If you include gentle movements to help the body let go of muscle tension, you quickly can tap into the magic that is already yours. Try it. Hop on a Tiny Island.

Observe your breath.
Inhale and lift your arms to the sky. Grow tall. Look up if you like.
Exhale and bring your arms back down.
Repeat 5 times coordinating breath with movement.
Now feel your breath again.

You have stretched your breathing muscles. Your breath will naturally go deeper.

Here is what you can do to familiarize yourself with your breath:

To help locate the diaphragm and feel the movement of your breath, you can use your hands or have a partner support you. Especially when you start, a belt gently wrapped around your center and a sandbag or something similar heavy like a bag of rice on your lower belly. You can watch the video for guidance.

• Start your breath awareness by laying on your back, with your head supported. Close your eyes, relax your body, especially your face and throat, and simply notice your breath coming and going. This is not something you do right or wrong. You are only the observer.

• Gently rest one hand on your upper chest and one hand on your belly. Feel each breath come and go and be aware of where you feel it. No need to change anything or judge it in any way. Just be curious.

• Now tighten the belt just enough so you can breathe into it.
Put your hands again on belly and chest. Focus on your next exhalation, let it go. As you inhale, feel the breath move into your upper hand, to the belt and your lower hand.

• Get your weight and put it between the pubic bone and belly button. Put both hands on your chest. Exhale and with the next inhale feel your hands rise, your center touches the belt, and the weight moves up to the sky. Exhale. Repeat.

As you memorize the feeling of the weight, the belt, and your hands on your body, you can then start to breathe like this without support.

Be gentle and patient and commit to it. Breathe up to five times then let it go. Repeat often during your day.

You soon will feel it’s calming effect and how the breath naturally will go deeper.

I love to do this first thing in the morning when I’m still relaxed and again at night. It’s a beautiful way to let go of the day and fall asleep peacefully.

I have created a collection of 365 🏝Tiny Islands, soon coming out in a book, were different breathing techniques will help you discover just how powerful the breath is. Each tiny island is a mini-retreat you can hop on any time. It’s much-deserved self-care which leads to self-love.

Enjoy and let these words inspire you:

“We never know which comes first; our next breath or our next life.”

Let’s do the next breaths! You deserve an abundance of love notes every day!

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