Winning in Life and Work: Dare to Dream


I’m part of 17 international experts sharing their stories on how to dare to dream and how to pick ourselves up again and again after our heart breaks.
“Broken Dream” is my story.  It documents the traumatic birth of my daughter Sarina. Born at 24 weeks gestation, weighing one pound and fifteen ounces in August of 1990, she barely had a chance to live. 
She survived, and we’re on a healing path together ever since. It’s the mindfulness path I choose every day that lets me thrive despite living the life of a special needs mother. 

Stories from the Yogic Heart

I’m the co-author of the book Stories from the Yogic Heart. My story Sarina’s Gift is one of a collection of 27 Inspiring Journeys documenting how yoga transforms lives.

Soon to be published:

  • My powerful biographical book I Cannot Die Until my Daughter Belongs, documents my path as a special mother.
  • 365 🏝Tiny Islands offers soulful self-care practices that help you thrive despite the challenges.