Hello! Here is part four of Brave Boundaries!  Let’s start with a whisper:

A statement any seeker has heard and knows to be true: But we’re not there yet! Thank God, because that would mean we’re dead!

You’re on your path, and you’re learning. Life’s circumstances throw rocks our way and people show up to support… but then there are those who throw triggers and test your patience.

It is what it is!

What it takes is for you always to take the next step towards a life well lived! Be grateful for all that you notice about yourself and your boundaries – the difficult emotions hopping along included. 

It’s worth it! 

As Nancy Levin said: Setting Boundaries will set you free!

Share in the comments which of the four parts of Brave Boundaries you tried. 

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Always with love,

🌷 Manuela 

P.S. Do you know the ⏰  72 Hour Rule? If you want to set Brave Boundaries or add any other skill to your life, you have to take the first step within 72 hours; otherwise, the chance is only 1% that you will even carry out the project.

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