Most of us know toxic thinking, aka monkey mind, creates emotional and physical stress.

Are you an overthinker?
Do you have tools to get out of your head?
Where do you go?
What do you do?

Here’s my number one tool to get out of your head:

👉 check-in with your body.

Take a deep breath. Relax with the exhale.
Close your eyes or gaze softly at a spot in front of you.
Repeat breathing.

Notice you’re inhaling
Feel your lungs expand
Notice you’re exhaling
Feel your lungs contract

👉For one breath, you were not in your head. Right?

Now repeat. It’s a practice!

Imagine including this awareness into your day; add a few movements connecting your body with your breath. Or let your arms dance a little. It’s a powerful tool to feel energized.

A breath of fresh air. Each breath is helping you to let your thoughts or worries become part of the sky. Let them float away with the clouds.

It will change your life!

To pause and notice what’s going on is soulful self-care.

I call pausing hopping on a 🌴Tiny Island – Imagine an Island for you in the middle of your busy day🏝.

I have created 365 🌴Tiny Islands, mini-retreats, where we remember that our lives are of value. It’s crucial to your health, healing, and happiness.

Don’t burn up our out because you don’t gift yourself the time to fill up your cup.

Sign up for any of my classes. I teach yoga with mindfulness at its core and help you to start having a connection with your body.