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🌴Tiny Island Tip

Notice the first moment you roll your eyes. Relax and take a breath. Choose a kinder reaction.

It all depends on how you see it. For me being on edge with patience is a good thing.

The edge as a tool to notice when I do too much or too little. E.g. too deep into a stretch will hurt you. Not deep enough is boring. Or think of spices –  too much salt or pepper in the soup? Yikes. Not enough? You eat without passion.

Having not having enough patience feels frustrating. And what about having too much? Is this possible? If it’s disguised as not speaking up, it will keep you on the sidelines of life. If it happens out of compassion, it helps both – the giver and the receiver.

And there is the expression: I’m done with patience. If an issue or a person has rubbed you enough, you can choose to let it rest. I think that’s a good choice.

In terms of patience in relationships with people, to understand your edge can be a survival tool. I’m speaking from my own experience – my daughter, who is on the spectrum, needs an out of this world patience; my husband needs much less 😃; the person honking his horn like crazy?🙄 Yes, they are different triggers.

Let’s go for the right amount of edge.

I borrow the concept of honoring my edge from my practice. The edge keeps me alert. It’s one of the best awareness tools I know, and it’s the one I take with me into my life.

I love the image of a mosaic and what it takes to allow the different pieces of my to find their way into the whole picture.

I’m better on my mat because the only trigger is my attitude. But first, I had to embrace my reality in the present moment – not from ten years ago. The edge is NOW!  In my life, the triggers often come from all directions, and more learning, practice and trust is needed. I accept this as my truth, and I keep showing up to it.

It’s not always easy to find the edge. Many students tell me that when they first learn about it in connection to their body aches and pains, they find it challenging. It’s frustrating to feel our limitations, but it’s liberation when we tap into our body’s wisdom.

It’s in the moments when we truly embrace what’s possible when the exhausting feeling of this is impossible drop away. Our edge teaches us to pay attention. It’s a skill we can learn. Your body is an amazing teacher – you can trust it’s wisdom – all you got to do is listen!

And Hallelujah! How do we listen? Let’s do it with PATIENCE!

When we approach our edges with curiosity, we understand that it’s always changing, and so are our lives circumstances.

This wisdom clicked for me when I understood what the saying – you cannot step into the same river twice…meant. Of course, the river is always changing!

In last weeks whisper, I shared my thoughts about The Posture of Patience

It sharpened my focus, and I want to keep practicing it. I hope to inspire you to do the same.

The Posture of Patience is a good one to own!

Here’s a chance to learn more about it. Join me on Zoom tomorrow. I’m part of a author series – life training for my book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SELF-HEALING. You don’t need a mat; we’ll engage in a conversation, spend time together, you get to ask questions! Here is the link, I’d love to see you:

Honor your Bodies Wisdom – it holds your truth!