I keep bringing this advice back in focus ever so often. Combined with my favorite picture of the week:

Go 24 hours without complaining. (Not even once.) Then watch how your life starts changing!


Photo by Nina – Lake Ilsanjo in Anadel Park, Santa Rosa, CA

An hour hike from where we live. There is no way to be closer to heaven.





While I get annoyed when someone whines too much… at the same time if my awareness is not there, I feel myself falling prey — complaining about the complainer 🙄. Yes, rolling our eyes is considered complaining also.

Will you join me on the twenty-four-hour challenge? It’s practicing mindfulness to what we say, think, or do. Easy, right 🤔?

➡ Set yourself reminders and pay attention! Twenty-four-hours… don’t complain, not even once! Take note when you do, and if you feel called, share with me in the comments how it was.

🔵 One hint. If you have a complainer close by, either invite him or her to join you on this challenge and if that’s not possible, watch your reaction and remember nothing changes if we wait for the other person to do the work!

Let’s not complain for twenty-four hours!

  • Tip: I wrote the number 24 on sticky notes and placed them around the house.
  • Tip: prepared fourteen stickies for every hour I’ll be awake and reflect each hour – smile or sad face? Tomorrow I’ll celebrate my wins and share with you.
  • Tip: If you have a complainer close by – for me it’s my daughter – I have a note ready that I will flash and walk away. Arguing never works (I’m known to get on a roll explaining without getting anywhere)
  • Tip: Write 24 on your wrist as a reminder

Let’s make the world a better place! More Yes 😄 – Less 😠

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Remember what you love and why! FYI

PS: Hats With a Mission has on outdoor office now! Lots of reasons to take a hike! “I have no time?” — check-in with yourself…you might find a complaint about “no time” you haven’t paid attention to.