Today’s message holds an update on my plans and a question along with this short whisper:

I am listening to my soul – seeking guidance on how to do what I’m burning to do despite the roadblocks I have in my life.

I feel a lot of pressure boil up with the demands at home and searching for a new home for us.

While I teach online and love it, I learn a lot about the www.-world; but writing for the books fell on the back burner. I want to write! BUT…

The big fat BUT kept showing up in terms of how much time I have. The message was clear: “Balance effort and surrender, focus on finishing your books.”

Do you have some big fat BUT holding you back to go after your dream? Here is my number one tip for you:

You cannot see outside of what you fail to see inside! Read Rumi’s words in the graphic again and start listening!

I will finish my books and for the next couple of weeks, my whispers will be in your inbox only  – a bit shorter 😇.

With any decision we have to make, questions arise. Mine was around: Am I chasing a dream? Why do I not give up and devote my time to my family’s needs?

Here are my answers:

  • When I teach magic happens. It’s like a walk in the woods and without asking the trees shower me with their healing power. Or a day on the beach in Hawaii. Everything heavy drops away. After one hour of teaching, I feel renewed and free.  This feeling is only topped when I see the spark in my student’s eyes, yes that happens online too 💙! I catch that spark and we both heal!
  • The same happens when I write. I forget the time and feel a few pounds of struggle fall off my shoulders as the words find a new life on paper. This feeling spells   e a s e   and is only topped by letters from you when you share how my words inspire you. 💙 Thank you!

I learn a lot about myself on my mat and with my pen in hand!

I receive healing and joy from both. My purpose is to use these tools, and share them with you and we all can heal.

And not to forget there would be no 🌴Tiny Islands w/o the gift I received of understanding the Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit-Connection. In the hardest days of my life my 🌴Tiny Islands saved me from falling into the trap and get lost in THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. My life often is IMPOSSIBLE – but my tools gift me the skill to Embrace What’s Possible despite of it.

Please don’t give up. Reach out to me. My story might be different, my pain is not.

These answers are my WHY. Without this truth I see a broken mom and a woman who gave up as a result.

I’m a better mother and human being because of my work. 

So my decision is clear: I will


in the year 2020.

And here they are so you know what’s coming:

  • My first book is my biographical book, with each chapter offering a practice from my Islands. Title: I Cannot Die Until My Daughter Belongs — the subtitle is in the making – I’m asking your help below.
  • Book Two is where I share my sacred tools. Title: 🌴365 Tiny Islands –  the subtitle is also in the making.

Here is how you can support me! Hold me accountable – chime in – ask me about my progress.  Do you love to read, have skills in editing? I’d love to gather any help I can. If you like to read a chapter or two, let me know. It will not be ready for a while, but I’ll be eager to receive your feedback

Finally here is my question for you: I gathered four versions for the subtitle of book one:

Which is your #1 or  #2  etc. choice? Or do you have any other ideas? Please drop me your choice by replying to this message!

I Cannot Die Until My Daughter Belongs – 

subtitle choices:

#1 A Special Mom’s Sacred Tools for Thriving Through the Impossible

#2 A Special Mom’s Sacred Tools to Embrace What’s Possible

#3 A Special Mom Shares her Sacred Tools to Embrace What’s Possible and Thrive.

#4 Embrace What’s Possible and Thrive: A Special Mom’s Sacred Tools.

I’m open and curious about what you think. Please share with me. I want my title to catch the attention of as many people as possible -😉 I know everyone does! – Even my story is the journey of a special mom and my life with Sarina – my pains and challenges belong to everyone who lives through impossible crisis or transitions.