I have intended to grow a daughter who has soul and depth. I succeeded despite her being born four months too soon. Do you know how 881 grams looks like? That’s one pound and fifteen ounces? A baby that’s not being able to breathe alone?

I do.

Do you know how twenty-eight years of living with “hiccups” from this early birth look like? Hiccups are challenges you and I don’t have. Different, but not less?

I do.

And you? Can you open your heart and not look away? Not your problem?

I have heard you: “Oh, it’s her again. Will she ever accept and move on? I have my own life to live?”

I hear you. But tell me where do I move to? Leave my beautiful child behind? What are you talking/thinking about?

Dear friend. That’s not how it works. What if you or your children or grandchildren have to walk my path? You wouldn’t shrink, I hope and look the other way. You would stand up and rock this world into a place of community where everyone belongs.

A child not fitting in?

Breathe. Take it in. Drop your judgment and share your greatness.

You must break down your walls and use your gifts to help those who are souls like you. But?

But what?

My daughter and her peers have a different calling? Think about it. They are part of this plan called life.

No time?

Together we’re not broken. We’re members of this universe looking out for each other.

I can’t do this alone.

I’m the mother of a baby born too soon.

My daughter deserves to belong.

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