Do you know Yoga’s teachings start way before you step on your mat and move your body?

Many people start to practice Yoga to feel better in their bodies or learn how to relax. “I feel I just dropped 20 pounds off my shoulders,” is what most of my students share after a session. How does that happen, and how can we make it last? 

It happens because yoga is not a practice for the body alone. The physical practice is rooted in guidelines for examining how we show up on our mat with our body and mind and what we brought with us from our lives. It inspires us to use our deepened awareness to see more clearly how we live our life.

My best answer to the questions to how can we make our experiences last? 

Each time to step on your mat, ask:

👉 “Why do I practice?”

👉 “What do I like to cultivate in my life from this practice?”

Sometimes the answer is clear, and sometimes we need to inquire, keep asking, and listen to the answers from within. Doing this, you own a powerful way of self-reflection.

Today I’m sharing guideline no. six from this 10-part series on how to live your life well.

If you missed part 1-5,  please be inspired and read HERE

And learn about the

Five Yamas – guidelines on how to behave in the world and

Five Niyamas – guidelines on how to behave with ourselves


The first Niyama is Soucha and translates as Purity or Cleanliness

for your body and mind

Cleanliness is a big one in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, right? 

What do you think when you read:

Clean Hands – Pure Heart?

Clean hands can be an ocean apart from a pure heart, but if we bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings as we wash them, we can clean more than our hands. That’s the concept of today’s theme: Soucha. 

The 20-sec-routine of washing our hands offers a beautiful moment to

  • take two or three deep breaths.
  • wash away negative feelings and thoughts – like being annoyed, angry, frustrated, or whichever feeling you notice.
  •  let go of tension, especially in your face and shoulders. 🌷 Drop your worries!
  • as you dry your hands, take a new breath, refresh yourself,  and embrace the present moment. 

If you look at purity from hands to heart, you have a powerful tool for self- reflection!

 I encourage you to choose one aspect of Saucha that you find inspired to apply to your life:

  1. clean out an old closet or drawer
  2. sweep the floor
  3. eat what nourishes you 
  4. drop all gossipy comments
  5. replace negative self-talk with a commitment to notice what you are grateful for

After all, be honest with yourself (1. Yama: Ahimsa or Non-harming). Some of us love to feng shui their home others thrive despite the clutter. If you clutter drives you crazy, do something about it!  If you are like me, I have areas in my life where cleanliness is a must. I can’t cook in a messy kitchen 🍽. My office is a different animal, don’t ask🤯. Yet I can tune into writing, and the piles of paper sink into the background. Awareness is a game-changer for all areas of life and supports us to choose what works for us.

Commit to bringing harmony into your space and life. 

If you want to clean up your mess😉, pay attention if you feel greedy or overwhelmed. You don’t need to do it all at once, and in the big picture of life – it’s good to remember – we’re never finished! Choose one thing at a time, do it wholeheartedly, start to finish, then take a breath, and appreciate yourself taking action and move on.

🌴Tiny Island  to cleanse old energy and be present

🌟 Sit or Stand

Imagine you dipped your arms into a bucket of cold water.

Take a deep breath and start shaking the water off.

Shake your arms and hands in all directions; enjoy it.

Image shaking away anything else you don’t need in your life anymore.

🌟 Pause.

Be still for a moment, close your eyes, and feel the energy in your body.

Breathe. Inhale to the count of four – pause – exhale to the count of six or eight.

🌟 Pause.



Commit to being more present with your thoughts, words, and actions. Share your thoughts or ideas about Soucha! I’m thrilled to hear your feedback, and yes, please share this blog with your friends!

And most of all BE KIND!

💙 Embrace what’s Possible!