My mission is to be aware of who I’m becoming on this ever-changing journey of life. Every day can be a test. Using yogic wisdom, I want to observe how my actions or non-actions shape my future. I want to be in the driver seat, especially when I’m on a rocky road. On and off the mat!

My passion is to share this journey with you.

This story is the fourth of a ten-part series on how to live life well. To read part 1,2 and 3 click: HERE

Today, let’s look at the

4th Guideline or Yama called MODERATION or BRAMACHARYA

Moderation is about to know when something is too much. A glass of wine is a pleasure, but a bottle every night? A forward bend can relieve a lot of stress. But if you’re not aware of your body and you push too hard, it can hurt you.

I feel all the guidelines speak about common sense behavior and highlight areas we might choose to overlook or are challenging. We grow when we pay attention. We transform our lives when we understand how we do what we do.

My favorite tool is from my yoga therapy work and is called The Edge. You learn to pay attention to how you show up on and off your mat. The edge is your helper to be in the present moment with your body as you ask: “What’s the right stretch or effort for me today, now?” Not yesterday or ten years ago.

The edge is when ten is too much stretch, one not enough on a scale from ten to zero. Moderation is anywhere in between, different for everybody, and always changing. That’s why paying attention to how we do what we do in the present moment is the key to our growth.

To take care of our energy helps to keep our body and mind in balance. We glow and feel healthy and energized when we pay attention to this goal. The magic word is balance. It speaks to all areas of life – food, shopping, sex, exercise, etc.

Eight helpers to look at moderation

1. Self-control – use your energy wisely -, but don’t be too hard on yourself.
2. Live your life with contentment – it’s not depended upon consuming life but more on loving what you have
3. Take care of your body, so your soul loves living there.
4. Give and take – when we talk to each other, we don’t always have to win.
5. Eat when hungry and know when you’re full.
6. Consume less media … be honest; how much are you “on”?
7. Possessions – grow an attitude of gratefulness, not ownership.
8. Sex – if you have sex, have sex. If you don’t don’t. – this applies to everything!



Stay curious. Try almost anything once.

Drop what hurts. Embrace and do more of what lights you up.

Bottom line, stay away from stuff that aggravates you!

Now ask yourself:

🌟  What makes you come alive?
🌟  What dreams, actions, plans, present moment experiences fill you up?
🌟  What is one way you can do more of these TODAY? Gather your wins!

My lessons:
As a special needs mom, I’m challenged and can forget about my needs. Most caretakers feel that way. On a scale of ten, I’m high on the edge of giving which has exhaustion at its tail.

How to balance giving and receiving when who we care for has never-ending needs? Hands off the steering wheel don’t work. Hands softly on the steering wheel will. It creates space to feel ourselves, time to pause, breathe, and relax our grip.

Moderation helps me to remember my needs are important.

I created my 🌴Tiny Islands to continuously invest in my health and happiness, no matter how little time I have.

Please share your thoughts or ideas and what wins you gathered with me. I’m thrilled to hear your feedback, and yes, please share this blog with your friends!

Embrace a win today!