Do you know Yoga’s teachings start way before you step on your mat and move your body?

It starts with You!

The most important thing to know is this: The practice of Yoga isn’t about getting better at Yoga; it’s teaching us to get better at living.

It has to do with honoring your body’s wisdom, to engage in self-reflection, get to know your edge, and be present to how you show up on your mat and in your life.

I think of our life as a mosaic; some pieces fit right away, others don’t, and some are missing. It’s different for all of us, and we get to choose what we keep or let go. And sometimes, we look at our life and notice one of the pieces we added doesn’t fit. Do we keep it or reorganize and create a new one?

I’m in a significant life transition. After our sudden move back to Germany triggered by the wildfires four weeks ago, I found myself in chaos. My mosaic has missing pieces.

How to find them? I know it takes practice, patience, and trust. And to not look back. Choosing the creation mode verses victim mode every single day!

Here is what I do, and I invite you to hop on this journey with me. And of course, a 🌴 Tiny Island will be included!

Let’s start with some wisdom.

My helpers are the Yamas and Niyamas. Wait, don’t roll your eyes if this is new to you. Hang on a little  – our best spot is to always be a beginner 😉.

We get to choose what we want to learn from our helpers. We have ten:

Five Yamas – guidelines on how to behave in the world


Five Niyamasguidelines on how to behave with yourselves

Let’s start with the first Yama called AHIMSA or NON-HARMING. It teaches us to be mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions

The central question being: HOW CAN I BE MORE GENTLE TO MYSELF AND OTHERS?

Seven tips to practice Ahimsa

1. Be kind to yourself and all creations
2. Honor your EDGE – not too much, not too little in practice + life!
3. Watch your opinions and judgments – hidden agenda too!
4. Refrain from negative self-talk or gossiping
5. Refrain from overthinking
6. Practice forgiveness – yourself included
7. Watch your should’s and the expectation behind it

And here is your practice to GROW from the inside out:

🌴 Tiny Island – Hurt Feelings

👉 Did you hurt someones feelings?
Reach out today, apologize or show an act of kindness
🌸  Forgive yourself.

👉  Did someone hurt yours?


Take three deep breath

Notice and acknowledge your feelings

Refrain from attaching anything else to it and cut your storyline

Breathe out and let it be! (Repeat serval times)

🌸 Forgive who hurt you.


Please make your own observations and share them with me in the comments. Together we can create the world we want to inhabit!

👉👉 👉 Don’t miss next weeks 2nd Yama: Satya – Truthfulness