Every week, when I schedule this post and push send, I exhale wishing everyone who’s reading it feels loved and inspired to live life well.

It’s election week.

We’re in a void between no longer and not yet. I have no idea who will be our next president. Maybe when you read this whisper, we’ll know?

Will we exhale in relief or hold our breath in worry?

When I started this 10-part series to share yogic guidelines with you, I wasn’t aware


would be the theme for this week. It can’t be better.

It’s easy to be content when things go well, but how to do this with the pandemic, the disgusting election fights, or personal tragedy?

In challenging times we need to dig deep and grow. Grow our trust and skills to face what’s true for us and how we treat ourselves and others.

Please close your eyes and anchor yourself in the present with your breath. Contentment lives in this one consciously taken breath!

And there is gratitude as an essential ingredient in cultivating contentment. I grow my list every day, and as I do, contentment takes the front seat in my days.

Here is Swami Rama’s tip:

CONTENTMENT is falling in love with your life

In Germany, we are in the second lockdown and we’re hoping for Election Day to give us relief. ✌🏼 We face this question: “ What are we doing if it’s not our president?”

Or course we must move on and practice


while living up to the reality of


Whenever you find yourself thinking: “I’ll be happy when or content if,” hop on this

🌴 Tiny Island – Let it Be!


Let your shoulders down.


🌟Take three deep breaths.

Drop your worry with each exhale.

🌟Let your breath be the anchor for your attention.

Allow being the observer, letting go of judgment. Let it be!

🌟Ask: “What do I need at this moment to be happy?”


🌟“What is lacking from this moment?”


🌟What can I be grateful for right now?

Grab a pen and paper and write down 11 or 22 or more things you’re grateful full. Ordinary daily things count!  Don’t forget to add your name to the end of your list. Be grateful for choosing to be present, open to learn, and to grow


No matter who’ll be the president, let’s vent our frustration if needed and come back to our live giver – our breath! Receive and let go!

🎵🎵 Now turn on the radio to Let It Be!

Please share your thoughts or ideas about your experience with CONTENTMENT! I love to hear your feedback, and yes, please share this blog with your friends too.

And follow the most perfect tip below that my friend Eileen❤️ shared with me!

P.P.S. Don’t miss next weeks blog about TAPAS – or Discipline✌🏼